Anonymous said: To future ED: I know you hate the captor chick but you sorta just shared bodies with her, after seeing all her memories and what not don't you feel some sort of empathy for what she's been through?

CA: not sure if our similarities made some wweird comradery or just made her more annoyin

CA: but i guess i can related to a couple a thins

CA: oh jesus wwhen am i gonna stop that

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CA: not once

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CA: i best be recievvin your undyin affection an declarations a lovve as soon as possible

CA: gonna set up a queue to answwer my oncomin fanmail

((HAPPY 4/13! I hope you guys didn’t miss this blog too much ^ ^; I had a lot going on and then the hiatus happened and I was pretty dry of inspiration, but here I am again! I’m gonna answer the questions I have and set up a queue to post once a day (hopefully). Thanks for sticking around!))

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Wow! You guys are really great! Almost fifty of you and I only did answers for like…two days…

I’m terribly sorry about that! It slipped my mind to do the art when I wasn’t in school, and now I’m back in school :( I will get answers to all of the questions asked put up eventually! Thanks for being great and sending me things to answer!

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CA: i think i need to go to bread

CA: i mean bed


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CA: so fuck that guy

CA: i dont need him to rivval wwith anywway i got lots a contenders

CA: still youd think hed havve a spec a decency in the ruddy gutless soul a his to face me like a real troll an tell me hes done

CA: at least fef had enough globes to do that

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CA: i nevver wwanted anythin to do wwith that shitty quadrant in the first place

CA: wwho wwants someone tellin you wwhat to do an pesterin you about your FEELINS

CA: wwhat a load a rubbish that turned out to be

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CA: im fuckin six swweeps old you creeps

CA: yeah i like him but dont you think thats a rude wway to put it

CA: you ought to show some respect for the royalty a alternia at least

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CA: as for the other guy i aint nevver heard a him

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CA: the rest a them

CA: eh i dont really mind them one wway or the other

CA: im not gonna get into all a them specifically in one ask

CA: this blog is about me not them

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